AI Plugins

Take your MIDI tracks to uncharted territories!

Staccato's AI plugins allow you to simply drag and drop your original pieces, and co-create real-time AI-generated music.

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Intergate Plugins with AI

Step into a world of unparalleled musical avenues with Staccato! Our sophisticated AI plugins are attuned to every style, genre, and mood of music, lyrics, and poetry, enabling creators from every spectrum to realize their most ambitious musical dreams and actualize their distinct visions. Embark on a captivating journey of musical innovation with Staccato's AI plugins!

Step 1

Input a MIDI track or drag & drop into the app.

  • Draw your notes into the editor
  • Record notes from your favourite MIDI controller
  • Upload existing files you have

Step 2

Change parameters to suit your needs or to explore new possibilities.

  • Creativity: Change how creative you want the generation to be
  • Cut-off: Control how many options the AI will choose from for each generation
  • Control the length of your output

Step 3

Listen to what the AI Instrument™ thinks should come next & repeat steps as needed.

  • Playback your AI generations with the online virtual instruments or connect with any of your favourite digital sounds
  • Generate ideas at any moment in your song
  • Edit the generations in our MIDI editor

AI MIDI Generations for Your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


Simply drag & drop MIDI tracks you are working on into the Staccato plugin & get real-time AI MIDI music generated to keep your creative flowing. Staccato's minimal learning curve lets you quickly get started with AI MIDI.

Simply integrate your preferred Daw software like ProTools, Abelton, Logic and more, easily.

An image showing the integration of Staccato with any Digital Audio Workstations.