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Staccato is the next-generation AI Music Tool that you’ve been looking for

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Everything From OpenAI's MuseNet and More

InstrumentsUp to 10Unlimited
Auto Style MatchingNoYes
Outputs MIDIYesYes
Built-in MIDI Editor InterfaceNoYes
Lyrics GeneratorNoYes
Training Network ModelGPT-2Cutting-edge, Up-to-date proprietary Model

The MuseNet Alternative With Features You'll Love

OpenAI's MuseNet was one of the early pioneers of AI music generation, allowing users to create 4-minute musical compositions with up to 10 instruments in different styles. As they have gone on to do different things in the text world with ChatGPT, we expanded on some of their earlier efforts to bring you a musician-focused MIDI music generation tool called: AI INSTRUMENT™.

How we have optimized and improved on OpenAI's MuseNet Core Features:

  • Generate unlimited-length compositions instead of just 4 minutes
  • Support for unlimited instruments instead of just 10
  • No more style selections - we take care of it for you
  • Uses the most advanced and cutting-edge technology for AI MIDI generations

Additional Features only offered by Staccato:

  • Lyric generator
  • Text-to-music support
  • No more style selections - we take care of it for you
  • Editable interface for polishing generated creations

Listen to Examples Created with Staccato

Listen to MIDI Music created with Staccato. Can you tell what part is AI?

Learn more about the AI Instrument™ & AI Lyrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Staccato

What happened to MuseNet?

In December 2022, Musenet suddenly stopped working. MuseNet mysteriously disappeared around the same time that Open AI’s ChatGPT went viral. It is unclear why MuseNet stopped working or when it will return.

What was MuseNet used for?

Musenet allowed you to import a MIDI file into the software and it would generate continuations of the MIDI in a style of your choice. You can read more about MuseNet and other MIDI AI tools here. As of December 2022, MuseNet is no longer working.

What was MuseNet’s generator?

Musenet’s generator was able to generate up to 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments. As of December 2022, MuseNet is no longer working.

Was MuseNet a text generator?

No – MuseNet could only generate music. Chat GPT is the text generator that OpenAI (creator of MuseNet) is best known for.

Did MuseNet generate videos?

No – MuseNet could only generate music. We suggest checking the article out here for a list of the best AI video generators.

Will MuseNet return?

On January 2, 2023, Christine McLeavey, the creator of MuseNet, tweeted “MuseNet will be back soon, but I don’t have the exact date yet.” We haven’t heard anything since, and there is no sign that MuseNet will return any time soon.